The August Company presents 

As You Like It

The Pines Theater, Look Park 

August 21 and 22, 2010

Directed by: Sheila Siragusa

Produced by: Liesel de Boor

Stage Managed by: Anna Legassie

Fight Choreographer: Ben McLaughlin

Costume Designer: Kate Bunce

Photographer: Kristin Angel



Orlando: Mark Teffer

Rosalind: Claire Kavanah

Oliver Martext/Silvius/Adam: Ben McLaughlin

Oliver: Scott Braidman

Charles: Mike DiChello

Celia: Rachel Braidman

Touchstone: Steve Angel

Amiens/Le Beau/Hymen: Lucas Veo

New Duke/Old Duke: Dennis Quinn

Corin/Jacques’ brother: Kerry Strayer

Jacques: Kelsey Flynn

Audrey: Kate Bunce 

Phoebe/William: Amy Teffer

photos by: Kristin Angel (c)