The August Company presents

OnWord: Chekhov

April 14-16, 2011


Compiled and Directed by: Liesel de Boor

Produced by: Steve Angel

Stage Managed by: Nikki Beck

Lighting Design by: Jessica Greenberg

Set Design: Sheila Siragusa 

CAST: Amy and Mark Teffer, Rachel and Scott Braidman,

Kelsey Flynn, Steve Angel, Kt Baldassaro, Marina Goldman,

Erika MacDonald, Matt Perry and Scott Miller.

Photography by: Kristin J. Angel 

In addition to The Huntsman (the story of lust that put Chekhov on the publishing map), and On the Train (a huge ensemble piece set on a train crowded with belligerent old ladies, fare hoppers, farmers and thieves), the show also includes an excerpt of all of the character Chekhov’s scenes from Star Trek IV; a piece assembled by Paul Ita from Internet, appropriately named The Russian Character; a gorgeous Raymond Carver essay/story, The Errand, and three songs that give a wink to Chekhov’s plays.

“I was looking for pieces that hit that August Company groove, of being funny, sad and human- which is also why I love Chekhov,” says Director Liesel de Boor. “ His six principles of a good story are spot on, and principles two through six make his stories powerful insights into politicalsocial-economic, and I’d even add sexual, conflicts.

1. Absence of lengthy verbiage of a political-social-economic nature

2. Total objectivity

3. Truthful descriptions of persons and objects

4. Extreme brevity

5. Audacity and originality: flee stereotypes

6. Compassion We’ll be serving shots of ice cold, traditionally infused vodka halfway

through the hour and a half show. The cast this time around includes

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Photography by: Kristin J. Angel